Hamina 18190

Game assets in isometric grid and concept art based on historical buildings.

Practical training project for Xamk made in summer 2020. Project name: Waypoint project and Hamina 1810 – Work never changes.

While participating in the Practical Training course in South Eastern Finland University of Applied Science (Xamk). I have prepared a lot of research of the style of buildings in XIX century south- east Finland.

I have created game design documents with photographs references:

– Hamina 1810 (remaining buildings and references)​

– People and life in XIX th. century village (history of different types of buildings outside of the city)​

– People and objects (popular objects which were found in almost every house, but also things from prehistory which are still popular in modern culture from Kymenlaakso and interesting objects which are in different museums from the region)

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