About us

Ometta Softworks

The company has been established by Justyna and Paavo Neuvonen in February 2022. Our operating place is ometta (Karelian name for a cow barn). We would like to create here also a space for local community to meet and learn about digitalisation and technology. 

Paavo Neuvonen

Founder, CEO

Software developer and servers.

Mainly PHP and Linux.

E-commerce, backend, cloud enviroments.


Bachelor of Engineering – BE
Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences

Justyna Neuvonen



My mission is to create best solutions with engaging and educational content for museums, municipalities and cultural organisations. Making games, apps and programmes is giving more equal and easier access to history, art and culture to widest group of people possible.

I am studying and working as a project manager at South Eastern Finland Univeristy of Applied Scienes. I am interested in adding digital layer to museum exhibitions, making museum apps, creating applications which are showcasing cultural landscape for local communities.
I can help you with:
-Showcasing history of the region
-Adding digital level to the exhibition
-Adding stories to your place
-Making games and visualisations
and many more!

Have a project in mind? Let’s get to work.