AR Quest: Urajärvi Mansion

40 European museums participate in DOORS program

DOORS – Digital Incubator for Museums comes to support museums at a moment in which attitudes towards the digitalisation of the sector are changing. The accelerated pace of technological and digital developments and the pressure coming from the competition with on-demand content creates not only haunting insecurity but also a strong desire for change in the sector. Regarded with less scepticism, the digital transformation of museums is now seen as a necessary, urgent, even exciting endeavour. It’s time to develop strategies that incorporate the digital into the DNA of institutions to foster pro-active, rather than reactive digital transformations.

Urajärven kartanon ystävät ry with cooperation of Ometta Softworks have created a Pilot called AR Quest: Urajarvi Mansion. We have been chosen from over 120 other project to join first stage of Doors project.

Project “AR Quest: Urajärvi Mansion” is innovative application of Augmented Reality for different purposes at museum premisses. Testing new ways of showcasing history, artefacts, and memorabilia of Heideman family will make visiting museum fun and exciting all over the year. We will also learn what types of experiences our visitors like best, and how it affects sightseeing. This project will combine use of 3d photogrammetry technique, digitalisation of museum collection, new web-based technology, and gamification elements. According to visitors’ preferences we develop further most popular AR experiences. Our pilot project targets few fields of digitalisation – web-based AR, photogrammetry, digitalisation, and publication of different artefacts in user friendly way.