Urajärven Kartano mysteeri game

Hidden object mobile game for museum with gamification elements.

The game is supposed to show the history and artefacts of Urajarven Kartano Museum. All of the items and scenes are possible to sightsee in real life. Game can be used as advertisement for a real visit at the museum or fun review of things which have been seen on place. The game will have gamification elements, which will encourage people to visit Urajarven Kartano after playing the game.

Hugo and Lily decided to make theatrical play with their friends. Unfortunately since all the guests has arrived, strange things start to happen at their mansion. Siblings needs to solve the mysteries hidden in their home.

Each level is located in a different room in the main building of the manor and buildings in the surrounding area. Player is supposed to collect different artefacts or things presented on the screen to be able to unlock another level and unveil another part of the mystery. Every level has three difficulty levels. After winning, the easiest level player automatically unlocks the second level. Passing one difficulty level gives the player one star and an artefact to his collection. Passing all levels on all three difficulty levels fill the whole collection of artefacts, with small description. If a player wants to completely finish the game he/she needs to come to the museum and find all the artefacts inside the museum. Then he will be granted with a special title which can be shared publicly.

The game is loosely based on historical facts from Urajarven Kartano Museo. Whole location is based of existing interiors of the manor. Player by passing levels is getting badges, which are one of the most fascinating artefacts from that room and collects it in his own gallery. After having filled whole gallery with artefacts, player can visit museum and find them in real life.
Game has gamification elements, that connects game world with real world. Whole levels are based on real interiors. Game is supposed to be fee to play with no typical monetization elements. Player´s gallery is a form of monetization, as one of the goals is to make players to come and visit Urajarven Kartano Museo.

This game is created with the help of Xamk Games Studio and has been created as own project by Justyna Neuvonen and Samuli Nukala, who wrote the code to the game. The game is showed here as an example what type of digital projects we are able to create.

This game is available under this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.DefaultCompany.UrajrvenKartanonMysteeri&hl=en&gl=US